It’s a Champion – Juicer that is!

Biggles spent the workday at his computer, didn’t pull away. He’d finally figured out a few things while he was htmmelling and was running late to get out of there. Off went the two 21″ tube monitors, camera bag in hand and off he flew. Out and down the hallway, keep going and make a left through the machine shop. Ever so quietly he tossed the deadbolt to the side and slipped out in to daylight. Biggles cursed, “Owie, that orb burns.” As he approached his shiny blue wagon, he noticed something huge and mechanical on the ground at the driver’s door.
Creepy E said, “Here’s your juicer, foo.”

And what a juicer it is. Not familiar with a Champion Juicer? Well, now you are. It’s a 1/3 horsepower electric motor with rotating knives. Large whole carrots? No problem, ZZzzZZztttt! There’s a handful of reasons I like this brand of juicer. Nothing fancy, all serious business here. By its very design it can break down the cell structure of your fruits and vegetables. What this means is that you get more of what’s good for you. I do have a 25 dollar juicer, but the pulp is all soggy. The Champion’s pulp is bone dry, good for only the garden.

I’m home with Tiny E today and thought it a perfect time to clean the ol’ girl up and get her back on track. I need to replace a few parts (mostly for safety), but other than that, she’s doing just fine. I was able to knock out a quart of carrot/apple juice in only a few minutes. This she-beast can run continually with no cleanup, just keep cramming goodies down.
I’m off to the store for more things to juice. No more carrots though, I still have about 15 to 20 pounds left, a neighbor dropped them off. Time for lemons, oranges, grapefruits, celery, ginger, greens and whatever else I run across. I’m a huge fans of all things juicy, heh.
xo, Biggles

3 thoughts on “It’s a Champion – Juicer that is!

  1. I see some hard cider in your future. I’m working on the know-how part (so far so good with my ‘speriments) if you want to pair it with that un-fancy juicer and ferment something. It is and will be for a few months apple and pear season and I’ve got an empty 6 & 1/2gal carboy laying around……let me know.
    You gonna be at the market sat? I’ve got a hunk of tocino for you if interested.
    Later tater.

  2. Ha! There was a Champion juicer just like that back in my hippie childhood (probably still lives in the garage at my mom’s house). Carrot juice galore for us.
    But try carrots, with a beet and cucumber thrown in as well–super yummy, and the prettiest color ever.

  3. Hey Tea!
    Shyahh, you bet. Did some yesterday, man that sucker just goes and goes. I need a replacement cone thingy though. The safety notch has broken off. You have to hold it while you juice. Otherwise it’ll fly off throwing rotating knives and attachments in all directions at high rates of speed.